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Al Musbah Group (AMG) is a successful network of companies thriving in diverse businesses across Saudi Arabia.

Commencing business as a retailer of perfumes, the Group has since expanded business into varied sectors; Real Estate, Retail, Construction, IT, Food & Beverage, with Meeza Hospitality, Xplora Travel Retail, ForeVision, Al Musbah Telecom, MAWGIF Paid Parking, and BYD Auto Dealership, to name a few. Manufacturing our own brand of Al Musbah cosmetics and fragrances, and retailing our Xplora brand of travel accessories, we also operate 50 Xplora retail outlets in all airports across the Kingdom.

Winning the bid to inaugurate Duty Free Shops in Saudi Arabia in partnership with World Duty Free Group, we launched the first Duty Free Shops in Jeddah airport, followed by two stores in Riyadh, and one store in Dammam.

Our Hospitality unit Meeza began operations of 12 VIP lounges in 4 International and 8 Domestic airports across Saudi Arabia, in addition to Meeza First Class and Business Class Lounges at Madinah airport. Offering an exclusive brand of Meet & Greet services, Meeza is committed to upgrading the lounges with luxury amenities and enhanced services such as private car services and travel offices, and the Meeza Hotel Jeddah, opening soon.

With our work force of nearly 5000 employees given the power to exercise initiative, regular seminars, training and workshops, facilitate being in sync with customer needs.


To continue forward as a customer-centric group of companies, that provides all stakeholders, customers and employees, more value through our products and amenities, while expanding our networks through systematic processes.


Al Musbah Group strives to be a leading regional business that

  • Customers trust as the most preferred provider of products and services
  • Suppliers and service providers consider as a key business partner
  • Motivates and enhances its employees



Duty Free


Saudi Duty Free is the first duty free shop in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In partnership with the World Duty Free Group, Saudi Duty Free promises to be a world-class shopping experience, with its state of the art design and exemplary customer service.

We launched the first Duty Free Shops in Jeddah airport in 2013, followed by two stores in Riyadh in 2014, and one store in Dammam opening shortly.

Travel Retail



Parking Management

Food & Beverages

Galaxy Gold & Jewelry

Telecoms & IT


Our Partners

World Duty Free Group

World Duty Free Group is our partner in the Saudi Duty Free Retail Business, which we collectively won the concession for 10 years in 3 international airports in Saudi Arabia. Aldeasa operates over 250 duty free shops throughout Europe, the Americas, and Middle East.

Mobily Etihad Etisalat

Al Musbah Group is also a leading distributor for Mobily, the second GSM operator in Saudi Arabia. The Mobily brand is owned by Etihad Etisalat a leading regional telecom service provider based in UAE.

Plaza Premium Management, Ltd.

Plaza Premium Management, Ltd. is an airport lounge network based in Hong Kong. Operating in more than a hundred locations, it is the world’s first commercial VIP lounge open to any passenger. Currently, Plaza Premium is overseeing operations of Meeza VIP Lounges across the Kingdom, in partnership with Al Musbah. The VIP lounges are open at 12 airports, including Jeddah.

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